Join Us! We are committed to creating an inclusive, diverse, and supportive environment. Enthusiastic scientists at all levels are encouraged to email Dr. Fuhrmeister with “Prospective Lab Member-level (undergrad, MS, PhD, postdoc)” in the subject line.

Please include the following in your email:

  • Why are you interested in joining the Fuhrmeister lab, in particular?

  • What areas of research are you interested in?

  • What previous experiences contribute to your current research interests?

  • What skills are you interested in learning from a research position in the Fuhrmeister lab?

  • Please attach current CV

Information on graduate studies in DEOHS can be found here and CEE here.

Contact Info

Email: efuhrm@uw.edu

Twitter: @EnvBio

Located at: Roosevelt One Building

University of Washington

Seattle, WA